Saturday, July 16, 2016

St. Michael's cupcakes

A weekend cruising on the Chesapeake Bay...the Wye River and St. Michael's.  Dinner at 208 Talbot with the amazing captain of Flying Colors and cupcakes from JoJo's Cupcakes & Cream

JoJo's had a very friendly and helpful staff and the cupcake specials were very nicely displayed.  The chocolate cupcake had a delicate crumb and the vanilla icing was very buttery - maybe a little too buttery with the very warm, humid temperatures.  The buttercream was delicious but even spending some time in the refrigerator did not firm it up.  However, if loving chocolate is wrong...I don't wanna be right.

Coconut cupcake with cream cheese buttercream...Winning!  This cupcake was perfect.  A moist, dense crumb with coconut baked in the cake. The icing was smooth and contained just the right amount of coconut. Could have eaten many of these!

Chocolate and Coconut cupcakes from JoJo's

Flying Colors

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 7th Anniversary Carpe Cupcakes!

Seven years of writing about cupcakes and it seems like just yesterday I wrote the first post...the cupcake universe has no end and there are still so many cupcake stories to be told!

The blog started as "the cupcake universe" and then changed into "life in the cupcake universe."  In the past six months I have the awesome opportunity to travel and experience many new today I am changing the subtitle to "adventures in the cupcake universe." 

Carpe Cupcakes Y'all!