Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chef Joey's Cupcake Creation - a book review

Chef Joey’s Cupcake Creation by Brenda Tuttle is an interactive baking adventure that brings children and adults together as they create a delicious batch of chocolate cupcakes. It encourages beginning bakers by guiding them step-by-step through the process of baking chocolate cupcakes…and the book itself is made from a type of laminated material that you can easily wipe clean if there is any spilled batter.

This book will be passed down from generation to generation just like the cookbooks that I received from my mother and grandmother. This mini-cookbook is not just about creating a finished product (chocolate cupcakes) but is a journey of building relationships while learning the basics of baking. 

Chef Joey and assistant

Cooking with children does require some extra patience and clean-up time but they will reap benefits that cannot be measured:
• Children will be encouraged to try new things.
• Cooking together builds self-confidence through accomplishment.
• Spending time in the kitchen is quality time together – passing down family stories about holiday meals and favorite recipes.
• Cooking teaches organizational skills and builds critical thinking skills (explore what happens if you add too much flour, not enough liquid, etc.)
• Children learn to follow directions and use their math skills while measuring ingredients.
• Children learn about nutrition by reading package labels.

Chef Joey’s Cupcake Creation is available from Tate Publishing and is a great gift to give friends with children. There are cupcake facts at the end of the book and an audio download is included with the purchase of the book!

(images used with permission from Brenda Tuttle & Tate Publishing)

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