Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How do you say....?

There have been numerous posts in numerous blogs about how to say "cupcake" in Spanish and I am not sure if there is one absolutely correct answer.  I even consulted my brother who teaches Spanish at the University of Oregon and has traveled all over the Spanish-speaking world. 

Ways to say "cupcake" in Spanish:
  • pastelillo
  • tortita
  • tortita individuale
  • magdalena
  • quequito
  • panquecito
  • panesillo
  • pastel individuale
  • pastel pequeno
  • bizcochito

So how do you say "paper liners" in Spanish?  My research says "forros de papel" but do you ya'll agree or disagree? 

pastelillos  from  isasaweis

quequitos navidad  from  marcelacm

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