Monday, December 13, 2010

Got the Christmas Tree Blues...I need a cupcake!

Yesterday I put up a 14 ft. Christmas tree by myself.  We live on 54 acres and I hiked out in the woods, cut the tree, managed to get it in the truck and inside the house, then put it in a stand.  It took almost 3 hours to get to this point in the story.   After several failed attempts (my arms were almost noodles), I was able to get the tree to stand up and I began to turn the screws of the tree stand into the trunk...only to discover the screw threads were stripped (now I understand the tree problems from last Christmas).  I could not let go of the trunk and I could not secure the tree.  I was stuck inside a monster tree with nobody to come to my rescue.

I decided to lean the tree against the window and get some rope.  When I returned with the rope, I tied the tree to a flower-hanging bracket on the wall.  What a beautiful Christmas image...a giant fir tree tied to the wall with bright yellow, red, and green rope.  But all was well and I put on the lights and garland.  I built a fire, ate supper by the lights of the tree and went to bed.

4 AM....a loud crash!  The tree fell over.   Note to self:  don't tie a tree to only one side of the wall.

7 AM...I found the strength to lift the tree with my sore arms, untangle the lights and garland (which were in a knotted mess) and retie the tree (on both sides this time). 

I sure could use a Christmas tree cupcake! 

(Costa Rica)

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