Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3-2-1 Cupcakes

I mentioned 3-2-1 cupcakes is the recipe.  When you get a craving for something sweet, put down the Sour Patch Kids and make a delicious cupcake instead.

3-2-1 Cake

1 box Duncan Hines Angel Food Cake mix
1 box Duncan Hines Cake mix (any flavor)

Mix the contents of these two boxes together in a gallon ziplock bag. I only use Duncan Hines cake mixes but that is just my personal preference.  When you get ready for a's what to do:

3 Tbsp mix
2 Tbsp water
1 minute in the microwave (start with 45 seconds and adjust time to your microwave)

Mix these together in a coffee mug. You can bake the cake in the mug or bake it in a cupcake liner or TeaCupCake!

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