Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Flights & Flip Flops

So I am at the gate waiting to board a flight to Seattle....and am totally shocked at the number of people wearing flip flops and heels. Don't get me wrong....I love a beautiful pair of shoes as much as the next goddess but what part of running from a burning aircraft don't you understand? I will absolutely sprint past you in my New Balances while the flames are melting the Havaianas to your feet. Mother of Pearl people! Wear tennis shoes and put on your fashionable footwear after you land. I have been a flight nurse for 16 years and the medical crew receives intensive aviation safety training. This includes emergency egress (also known as "get out the plane is on fire").  Maybe the next new reality show could focus on shoe selection in emergency evacuation situations. I would pay to see that.


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doug said...

And they call humans the intelligent species.