Monday, October 5, 2009

Make Your Own Gum Paste

Almost all of my cupcake decorations are made from gum paste. I use fondant decorations sparingly because fondant takes much longer to dry and when you put fondant on buttercream, the moisture from the buttercream can cause the fondant to melt - not pretty! I have ended up with a few decorating train wrecks where I opened my cupcake carrier to find a colored blob sitting on top of the cupcake where a cute decoration was supposed to be.

I have been using Wilton's gum paste mix and you just add water. This gum paste gives you great results and I love it, but it gets expensive if you use it a lot. So...this week I am experimenting with making my own gum paste.

Edna De la Cruz of Design Me a Cake is my favorite cake decorating instructor and she has a lot of videos on You Tube. Her video on making gum paste is just over 9 minutes long, but if you have time to watch it, she walks you through the process of making your own gum paste step-by-step.


kokoro said...

very interesting. But I didn't understood what tylose is. I've never heard before. Is it gum? What about if you don't use it?

Jo Lynne @ Carpe Cupcakes! said...

From my research, Tylose is what makes gum paste get hard. It resists humidity and makes the gum paste really white. If you don't use it, I think you will end up with a consistency like royal icing. The other product you can use is gum tragacanth, but I understand that is much more expensive. I bought my Tylose at Michael's.

You can also knead Tylose powder into regular fondant to make gum paste out of the prepared fondant.