Friday, January 21, 2011

Carpe Cupcakes! and the Facebook Dilemma

To Facebook or not to Facebook....that is the question.  I saw The Social Network and it was an awesome movie. Carpe Cupcakes! has a Facebook may even be the only Facebook account in existence with no friends.  After this post I may get some friend requests, but that is not my intention. My dilemma is why Facebook at all?  Is Facebook just a turbo photo-sharing site?  Do I really need to know that my friends went to the beach today or bought a new pair of jeans?  Is there anything on Facebook that really changes our lives or are we just collecting "numbers" of friends?  Are they really friends and if so, how are they friends?

My dilemma is that I started this blog to share cupcake photos and recipes, but the pressure to join a social network is increasing and I am not sure why.  I will eat a cupcake and think about that a little more.

This photo has nothing to do with
Facebook...I just love the box!
hiOakie  via  Flickr

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