Saturday, February 5, 2011

Icing on the Cupcake - Folsom, CA

You Had Me at Cupcake!  (don't you just love that slogan?)

I took a little road trip today and visited Icing on the Cupcake in Folsom, CA (near Sacramento). There are three locations in the Sacramento area so I chose the one closest down the mountain from Lake Tahoe.

The location was convenient and the storefront very appealing. There were quite a few customers inside but I got to order first because the others had not made up their minds yet. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The packaging is beautiful and the cupcakes survived the two-hour trip home without dropping a single crumb. 

I bought four cupcakes:  chocolate with chocolate buttercream, vanilla with vanilla buttercream, red velvet with cream cheese icing and lemon with lemon curd and lemon buttercream.  The cakes were moist but very dense (a little too dense for me).  The chocolate cake had a lot of chocolate flavor but the vanilla and red velvet cakes fell short on flavor.  The lemon cake was nicely lemony and the lemon curd was very good.  The chocolate buttercream was excellent and very rich in chocolate. The vanilla buttercream was quite tasty too. The lemon buttercream was smooth and creamy and added to the lemon cake without overpowering the cake flavor.  The cream cheese icing on the red velvet cupcake already know I am going to say it needs more cream cheese.

Overall I had a nice cupcake experience! 

2779 Bidwell Street
Folsom, CA 
(ph) 916-303-4333

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