Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Political Correctness & Cupcakes

A few months ago a third-grader at Schall Elementary School in Caro, MI  had cupcakes confiscated by the principal because they were decorated with green plastic toy soldiers carrying guns.  I realize that there are recent tragedies involving guns and we should be sensitive to those who have lost loved ones, but are we losing our ability to use common sense?

The toy soldiers were the WWII kind that come in the giant bag of 100 that you get at the dollar store.  My brothers and I used to set up elaborate forts and scenarios with these guys.  We played with our toy soldiers by day and watched footage of the Viet Nam war at night, yet when we grew up it never once occured to us to grab a gun because we were unhappy that we didn't get exactly what we wanted exactly when we wanted it or we thought that we were "owed" something that we didn't get....which in my opinion is the root cause of almost all the gun violence in our society. 

I applaud the parents in this cupcake situation who asked the principal to simply remove the soldiers and serve the cupcakes!  People of Earth...use common sense and just serve the cupcakes!

CBS Atlanta
Birthday Cupcakes Cause Controversy at Local School

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