Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13, 1969 - The Beatles Release "Yellow Submarine" Album

Have a cupcake to celebrate the release of The Beatles' album Yellow Submarine on January 13, 1969.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog! Since I love to reminisce, I really enjoyed my visit here.


Jo Lynne @ Carpe Cupcakes! said...

Thanks for visiting the blog Wren! I was in Jr. High in 1969 and was really into the first record (a 45) was "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" so the Beatles are special to me.

Jo Lynne

Anonymous said... did you get those yellow submarine toppers? Are they chocolate?! I want to make these sooooo badly!!

Jo Lynne
@ Carpe Cupcakes

Sorry, but you will have to contact the creator of those Flickr for rabbitrabbit002 and send an email. Wish I was that artistic!

Sarah A. said...

Hi! I just found your site from my Flickr page. I'm rabbitrabbit002, and I made these cupcakes for my daughter for her 8th birthday. Th submarines were super easy! I printed a picture of the yellow submarine and put wax paper over it. I piped melted yellow candies (the Wilton kind you can get at any craft store) onto the wax paper (tracing over the printed picture under the wax paper) and then used little paintbrushes to add the details. It was fun to do, and I think they turned out fairly well considering the easiness level :) Thanks so much for sharing!

Lundy said...

Sarah - thank you soooo much for posting the "how to" for these cupcakes. I have gotten many emails wanting to know how to do it. Thanks again!

Jo Lynne