Saturday, January 30, 2010

Unfortunately...I Am Not Martha

The cover of the February 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine shows a delicious chocolate tart adorned with colorful meringue hearts.  So for Valentine's Day I was thinking I would make a batch of red velvet cupcakes and put the meringue hearts on top. I decided to make a practice batch today. 

I am not Martha!  My cupcakes and meringue hearts tasted great....but the hearts did not look like hearts.  They looked more like shark's teeth.  I have never claimed to be artistic but you would think that a heart would be easy.  NOT!  The project was fun and I will try again, but next time I will download a heart template instead of freehanding the hearts.

February 2010

meringue hearts
( a.k.a. shark's teeth )

meringue hearts
( a.k.a. the letter Y? )

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