Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mardi Gras Recap

Home again!  After a crazy week of traveling I am home and ready to get back to the cupcake universe.  As I explained yesterday, the cupcake bakeries I had hoped to visit were closed until after Ash Wednesday so no cupcakes for me.  There were some king cakes made into muffin-sized morsels but they weren't really cupcakes.  I ate beignets and pretended they were cupcakes.

The theme for the Orpheus parade this year was "Delectable Delights" and one float featured a chef with cupcakes on the float.  It is very hard to get night photos to turn out well due to the enormous number of lights on the floats but I tried.  I did capture a cupcake on one float.

Next year I want to make my own beads with cupcakes on them....maybe my own Carpe Cupcake! doubloons!

Chef on one of the Orpheus parade floats

Cupcake - Orpheus parade float

The Saints' Super Bowl win was
huge - lots of Saints costumes

Store window on Royal Street

Me and one of the many Elvises on Bourbon Street

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