Monday, February 15, 2010

Recipe of the Week - King Cake Cupcakes

Week 31

There are  many ways to make King Cakes and most of them involve making a yeast bread base which has to rise several times.  I make it easy by using a cinnamon cake mix.

(Easy) King Cake Cupcakes

1 cinnamon cake mix
Plastic baby or similar trinkets (make sure they are food-safe)
Buttercream or cream cheese icing
Purple, green & gold sprinkles

Make cupcakes with cake mix according to directions.  Place a baby (or other figurine) in each cupcake or on top of the cupcakes.  If you are having a party, you will want to have just one hidden figurine.

Frost the cupcakes & add the colored sprinkles.  Serve on a platter with Mardi Gras beads or confetti sprinkled around. 

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Vee said...

And you baked the cupcake with the little plastic baby in it right? It says it won't melt on other sites. I looked for other King cake recipes and they do use yeast like you mentioned, and that is to time consuming for me. I like your method! Thank you!