Monday, August 10, 2009

Cupcakes Bakery - Fresno, CA

I was recently in the Fresno area and decided to drop by the Cupcakes Bakery. I read about the opening of this bakery in an article posted by Cupcakes Take the Cake and since I am always in the mood for cupcakes, I wanted to give it a try.
I bought six regular-sized cupcakes (did not try the minis), choosing coconut, lemon, chocolate, carrot, raspberry & red velvet. I liked the cake part of all of these, but I like a sweet icing and the buttercream was not very sweet. The cream cheese icing could use more cream cheese. Many of the icings had colored sugar sprinkled on top and I did not care for the "crunch" this added. I am a creamy icing fan.

The pricing was $1.95 for regular-size and $0.75 for minis. The decorations complemented the cupcakes and were simple and attractive - as decorations should be. The flavors were labeled and the cupcakes were nicely displayed. I liked that each cupcake was packaged in its own Chinese-takeout type container.

This bakery is just getting started and is in a good location. I will definitely give it another try when I am in town. Overall, I think they will do well in Fresno.


Anonymous said...

I love there cupcakes, at times we must embrace ones opinion on a cupcake. To bad it seems your blog is a bit filled with negative fillings instead of fun facts. I do hope your page would be a more friendly non stuck up approach on others work. Thanks for the visuals.

Anonymous said...

Its her/his blog his/her personal opinions shouldn't tear this shops hopes down rather help improve what they have to offer. If she/he feels that the cake didn't complement the frosting why not blog about it? What bakery wouldn't want to hear their customers feed backs? I found nothing negative about this posting. Keep on blogging. Rather than take it in as a negative they should see the positive side of how to improve the product.

Jo Lynne

@ Carpe Cupcakes

Thanks for your comments. I post all comments...positive or negative and I appreciate your time to give your opinions. I wrote this review when I was a beginner blogger and have learned a lot about reviewing bakeries since then. I hope to keep learning and comments help me to improve the blog. Carpe Cupcakes!