Saturday, October 2, 2010

Acorn Cupcakes

These may not actually qualify as cupcakes, but they are cakes and I did put them in muffin cups.  The acorn pan from Williams-Sonoma was a gift from my niece.  The pumpkin spice cakes had a great texture for this pan and I made cream cheese icing with 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon added.  I trimmed the acorns to make them flat for the "sandwich" effect.  Dee-lish!


Lisa said...

Those are so adorable and perfect for a fall platter.

Jo Lynne @
Carpe Cupcakes!

Thanks Lisa...I put the acorn-wiches in paper cupcake liners but you can't really see the acorn detail on the cakes. Working on how to solve that!