Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Magnolia Bakery - NYC

Magnolia Bakery...401 Bleeker Street in New York.  Remember the scene in Sex and the City when Miranda & Carrie are sitting on the sidewalk eating cupcakes?  The best part about visiting Magnolia is that the house where Carrie lived (the exterior) was only 2 blocks from Magnolia Bakery and I got to visit both places today!

Magnolia Bakery was packed with people!  The staff was very friendly and helpful and I selected the most basic of cupcakes...a vanilla with vanilla buttercream and a vanilla with chocolate buttercream.  I loved the chocolate buttercream!  My friend Shelly bought a very cute apron and some cookies. 

I left my Carpe Cupcakes! card in their tip jar and I gave the person at the register a cupcake luggage tag. I hope they will read my blog someday.

Very helpful staff

Half-eaten cupcakes
(sorry...I couldn't wait)

beautiful packaging

bakery craziness

happy customers

you can watch the cupcakes get frosted!

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