Thursday, October 28, 2010

NYC Cupcakes

The number of cupcakes in New York City is staggering...and there is no way for one cupcake blogger to taste them all.  I did my best, and enjoyed every bite.  If you live there, you probably already know where to find these delicious morsels.  If you plan to visit NYC, add these stops to your itinerary.

Many locations make it convenient.  Crumbs offers three sizes:  the taste (2.25"), the classic (3") and the signature (4.25").  The number of flavors is mind-boggling and they cater and deliver too.  If you are going to order the signature large cupcake - take a couple of friends and extra forks.

red velvet cupcake

chocolate/vanilla sprinkle

Two locations (Chelsea & Tribeca).  The web site even gives you the subway directions, which are extrememly helpful to those trying to learn how to navigate the subway system!  They are open late, which is nice because New Yorkers are out and about late.  Order online or have them deliver!

Another good choice!  They charge $3.00 for a basic cupcake (a bargain in NYC) and also deliver. 

Butter Lane

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