Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Day in Paris

The Internet problems have been solved but it wasn't an easy fix.  No matter...I am back online.  Here are some photos from the last day in Paris.  I still cannot believe that I could not find a cupcake anywhere.  When I did a Google search for cupcakes in Paris, there were only a few results, so I guess cupcakes are an untapped market in the city of lights.

Speaking of lights, the last night in Paris we took a boat ride down the Seine and got to see the Eiffel Tower at night.  Spectacular is not the word!  Every hour on the hour, the Eiffel Tower twinkles with lights for about five minutes and that sight alone was worth the trip.

I really enjoyed soaking in the history of London & Paris, but did not realize the extent of the damage done during WWII.  London was more affected by German bombs than Paris due to a deal France made with Hitler (a "no bombing" clause in the contract I guess) but the impact of the destruction of history really hit me hard.  It is a shame to have lost so many artifacts and architecture.  Not to mention the history lost with the people who could have shared so much by passing down their family history and experiences.

Here are a few photos from the last day....Buttercream had a great vacation! 

Buttercream at the Arc de Triomphe

an exact replica of the flame of
the Statue of Liberty

(I didn't even go in)

(didn't go in Cartier either)

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