Tuesday, June 7, 2011

London Day 2: Harrod's Cupcakes & Jack the Ripper

Yesterday's passport drama is behind me so on to the cupcakes!  We went to Harrod's this morning and I have to say it was quite overwhelming plus it really is no fun shopping when there is little chance you can actually purchase anything. Well, you can purchase things but you must be prepared to pay...and pay...and pay. 

The Food Hall at Harrod's is worth the trip, even if you don't venture anywhere else in the store. Any type of food you can think of is there (and some I had never thought of).  Amazing!  I bought vegetable samosas with mango chutney and then picked out four mini cupcakes for $3 each. Since it is highly frowned upon to eat your purchases inside the store, we took our munchies outside and sat with the pigeons.  (message for Kristi...absolutely NO picnicking at Harrod's!)

We ended our evening with a Jack the Ripper tour that started at Tower Hill and ended near the Liverpool tube station.  We were starving after all that murder & mayhem so we found a pub and had fish & chips.  We drank shandies (a combination of beer & lemonade) and even though I do not drink beer, I must say that I could have drunk a pitcher of those!

Cupcake box from Harrod's

red velvet, coconut, lemon & chocolate minis

eating outside with the pigeons

cupcake carnage

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solange said...

I love shandies too!!!! thanks for the London updates.....