Friday, July 31, 2009


The, it's not a new sitcom! Buttercream is a broad term for a type of frosting. It is usually a fat (butter, margarine or shortening) mixed with powdered sugar and a flavoring. The type of fat used depends on the environmental stability you need - a hot afternoon with pure butter would not be pretty. Some recipes call for non-fat milk solids and/or small amounts of egg whites. Buttercreams made with shortening can withstand warmer temperatures much better than those made only with butter.

Meringue buttercreams - a mixture of water and sugar are heated to form a syrup which is poured over egg whites and beaten to form a meringue The most common types are Swiss Meringue and Italian Meringue. French buttercream uses egg yolks instead of egg whites.

Decorator's buttercream - the sweetest and most firm of the buttercreams. Also called Rose Paste, it can be used as an icing and to create roses and other decorations.

There are numerous buttercream recipes and every baker has to experiment to find a recipe that works for your specific environment. What I use at Lake Tahoe would not be a good fit for my family in Mississippi. Google buttercream recipes and find the one that is right for you!

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