Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cupcake Stands

How did I become involved with cupcakes? After attending a few weddings last year, I began to take notice of how boring cake stands seemed to be. I live at Lake Tahoe and destination weddings are common, with many brides choosing non-traditional venues. I wanted to offer brides a variety of traditional and non-traditional cake stands.

At about this same time, a friend of mine who makes beautiful multi-tiered wedding cakes asked me to make cupcakes for an upcoming wedding. How would I display these cupcakes? I started doing research on cupcake stands and found that the options consisted of cardboard or acrylic...your basic round and square shapes. This must change!

I started making custom cake stands and also collecting unusual plant stands to display my cupcakes...and thanks to a few local wedding planners and florists, I soon had a business renting cake stands. Here are a few of my most popular ones!