Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cake Pops (the new book)

Just got back from Borders with the new Cake Pops book in my bag.  What a treat!  Angie Dudley, the creator of has hit a home run with this book - there are more than 40 edible projects.  There are recipes, decorating ideas, tips for making the pops, tips for using food other than cake to make the pops, and lots of detailed photos and how-tos. The photos will be a huge help to me.

I am struggling a bit with the spiral-bound book.  My pages are sticking on the metal spiral and when I turn the pages I have to be very careful not to tear them.  It is like the old composition books we used to use in high school, except the cover is hard...but I love the pink color of the metal spiral (pink is my signature color).  The spiral does allow the book to lie flat, which is very helpful when you are trying to read and have baking utensils in your hands (or hands covered with batter). 

Buy this book as soon as possible & start having fun!

P.S.  Get the book from Amazon for $11.97 with free shipping.  I paid $19.95 at Borders. 

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