Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cupcake Recipe Cards

My recipe box holds 4 x 6 inch cards, so I chose these cupcake recipe cards because they would fit...but there are lots to choose from out there.  The first card is my fav! Zazzle has many cards that can be customized with your name or web site.  Use your favorite search engine to find just what you are looking for. 

$6.95 for 15 cards (4x6 in)

$1.25 each (4x6 in)

sweetharvey  via  Etsy
$15 for 10 cards (4x6 in)


Percy. said...

They're cute.

Jo Lynne
@ Carpe Cupcakes!

Thanks Percy...I can't wait to order the first one.

Recipe Cards said...


love all these ideas and the recipes sound great, too. thanks for sharing. Recipe cards make a great gift for the person who loves to cook. Also, this is a good way to bring back a time-honoured tradition of passing on recipes to your friends and family.

Lundy said...

I think food and memories are intertwined in our lives and passing down recipes should be an important thing that we do with our families.