Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lost Dogs Found

I had planned to spend this morning blogging, but the universe had other plans.  Last Saturday my friends Nick & Kim came over with their dogs Otis & Sophie.  We live on top of a mountain and the dogs ran down the canyon and didn't come back.  We have been looking for them for 4 days.

After working a night shift in the ER last night, I came home and went to sleep.  My dog Summit woke me up about 30 minutes later barking like crazy.  I thought maybe there was a bear on the deck so I got up to check.  I didn't see anything so I went outside.  I heard dogs barking on the ridge above the house.  I grabbed my boots and took off into the woods. 

Long story short...I found Otis & Sophie on the ridge.  We hiked back to the house and they ate four cups of food each.  They had lost some weight but were not hurt.  There are lots of creeks in the woods on our mountain so they had access to plenty of water.  My biggest fear was them getting eaten by coyotes or a mountain lion, but they are safe at home tonight! 

Thank you Summit for hearing their barks and waking me up!  Welcome home guys!

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