Friday, August 27, 2010

IFBC - Day 1

The line for the IFBC registration seemed like five miles long, but the hotel staff was there to serve wine & sangria (which was excellent BTW) and talking with other bloggers helped to pass the time.  It actually moved faster than I thought. 

After registration, we headed downstairs to the meeting rooms to pick up the most awesome of goody bags (the french press is my favorite item) and have some fantastic food.  POM was there to offer pomegranate cosmos, and they gave us recipe cards so we can make a batch when we get home. 

Morgan Spurlock (Super-Size Me) shared some of his food experiences and offered insights about blogging and the importance of building relationships with our readers. 

I met so many bloggers tonight and I wish I could mention them all.  Tonight's shout-outs go to:
Thanks to all the vendors, chefs & their staff and the Hotel Monaco! 

Come back tomorrow for a recap of Day 2!

IFBC attendees

Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook
coming in November 2010

so many little time

Morgan Spurlock interview

pomegranate cosmos

the awesome goody bag contents

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