Saturday, August 28, 2010

IFBC - Day 2

The day got an early start...sessions started at Theo Chocolate at 8:30 am.  The chocolate factory is in a great location near the water and the vendors had a great breakfast for us.  The pastries and fresh fruit were dee-lish and POM provided a large bin of pomegranate teas.  The coffee was good too!

Each session today provided us with great information about different aspects of food blogging:  The Art of Recipe Writing, Search Engine Optimization/Building Traffic/Social Media, Writing with All Five Senses, Law & Ethics of Food Blogging, and From the Source: People Who Will Change the Way You Think About Food.  The Power Point presentations from these lectures will be available on the IFBC site after the conference so check back soon.

The Wi-Fi was amazing and much appreciated.  We blogged & Tweeted & Facebooked all day.  There were plenty of electrical outlets on each side of the room and people were very considerate about sharing plugs when battery power got low.  I have never Tweeted so much! 

Go Royal Restrooms!  The porta-potties were very nice (and roomy). So many people are blogging about this that I won't.

Today's shout-outs go to:
I ate my first gluten-free product today, a lemon muffin that wasn't dry and tasteless as I had anticipated.  It was actually good and I met quite a few gluten-free advocates.  We had some great discussions about gluten-free high-altitude baking challenges.  If anybody has any high altitude gluten-free cake recipes, please share!

Portable farm!

Platter of Theo Chocolate

My favorite Theo Chocolate

Thanks Foodista!

Thanks to all the 2010 sponsors!


Anonymous said...

Isn't IFBC the best? So nice to meet you and enjoy the lipgloss. Can't wait to go back and check my recipes for you. But I do know that this one is one of my readers favorites. Enjoy!

glutenfreeforgood said...


Thanks for the shout out. Today was amazing. I loved Penny's presentation. And Shauna was great as well.

I agree, Coconut Curry was the BEST!

Nice meeting you.
Peace, love and cupcake blogging!