Sunday, August 29, 2010

IFBC - Day 3 & Summary

Day 3 of IFBC is hard to put into words...but this is a blog so I will try.  I met many interesting people who are writing for different reasons.  For some (like me) blogs are a way to share information and experiences about a specific topic.  For others, it is an outlet for creative expression and a jumping off point to publishing, photography, etc.  Whatever your motivation, this conference provided something for everyone.

The photography session today was amazing on many levels.  Penny de los Santos is not only a talented photographer, she is a gifted speaker and I literally bumped into her as I was walking out at the end of the day and got to tell her that.  I gave her a cupcake luggage tag to show my appreciation!  What I don't know about photography could have filled the room but I came away with so many ideas that I plan to try with upcoming cupcake photos.

I learned something from every speaker, organizer, participant and vendor.  Thanks to the many volunteers who took care of us and provided services behind the scenes that we won't ever know about.  Looking forward to 2011...and having more cupcake representation!

SOMEPIG (lunch truck)

outdoor pizza oven

UDI's lemon muffins
I tried a gluten-free product for the first time!

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